First, move the map and zoom in or out to set the location.


Next, resize the map by dragging the lower right corner

or specify the map's height and width in pixels.

Advanced Features

Edit an existing map (use the number at the end of the URL): (it will get a new URL)
If you have an optional GatheringPoint assigned PartnerID, enter it here:

Drag and drop a pin onto the map to mark locations. Once you've placed the pin, you'll be asked to write a short blurb about what the pin represents.

See more pins.

(You can remove pins from above by dragging them onto the trash can.)

You can also Add your own pins.

Check the menu items that you would like to have available on your map.

    Now, select the menu items you want turned on when people first see your map.
    You can set search terms and timeframes for some of them as well.

    Here's what your map will look like!
    You can still go back and adjust it if you like.

    To link to this map, use the following URL:

    To embed this map, use the following code:

    You can also use this QR code for mobile phones:

    QR Code